Social Skills


Over the last twenty years, much research has indicated that social impairment is a common feature of ASD, and a common misperception is that these children lack interest in relating to others. Kids with ASD do not choose to alienate themselves – they are simply missing skills that are essential for developing meaningful peer relationships. You may have noticed some of these common social deficits.

  • Opening and closing a conversation
  • Initiating peer interaction and joining play
  • Decoding facial expressions and body language
  • Observing and mimicking appropriate social behavior in specific situations
  • Predicting and understanding the emotions and reactions of others

What is a Social Skills program:

  • Without support, children with ASD may have difficulty:–
  • Starting up a conversation
  • Inviting kids over to play
  • Go to parties
  • Joining activities
  • Keeping up with the game or understanding the rules

Our Social Skills program includes:

  • Parallel play (completing the same activity with peers but separately).
  • Responding (peer asks for toy, and the child gives peer the toy).
  • Cooperative Play (taking turns, playing tag).
  • Initiating (asking peer to join the game).
  • Contact us to book a free intake interview and join our social skills program.

Social skills schedule:

Monday to Friday

Saturday and Sunday